On the Road

In-Car Navigation

simTRAC Navigation Image

Through our partnership with Garmin we have brought you a commercial grade Navigation and messaging system which provides your business with the tools it needs to dispatch jobs and messages effectively.

In-Car Messaging

simTRAC Messaging Image

– Send instant messages directly to each vehicle
– Route your vehicles directly to their jobs
– Two-way messaging using keyboard or predefined message responses

In the Office

Live GPS Tracking

Monitor your vehicles in real-time using our cloud-based software. Simply login from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection. Read more…


Replay your vehicles’ daily or historic movements through visual time-lapsed replays.

Location Alerts

Our GeoFencing technology allows you to define perimeters and to be notified when those perimeters are entered or exited.

Maintenance Planner

After entering your fleet servicing and maintenance requirements, simTRAC does the hard work for you. Receive alerts when vehicles are due for servicing and utilise the built-in booking system.


simTRAC’s full reporting suite allows you to look back in time and see how your vehicles are being used. Report on everything from onsite & travel time through to vehicle speeds. We can also create custom reports to suit your specific needs.

Job Dispatch

Locate a site on Google Maps, find the best person for the job and dispatch job details to the relevant vehicle.

Driver Identification

Manage your drivers’ details and their assigned vehicles. Driver ID tags allow you to keep a full history on the driver of each vehicle.

API Integration

Need to integrate with another system? If we don’t already provide integration with your required system, the simTRAC API gives you the tools to do so.